The end is nigh!

Sorry for not doing any posts recently but what with my children having chicken pox and me having to design my church magazine, I’ve barely had time to do any crochet. Anyway I’m pleased to say the cushion pad arrived a couple of days ago. I got a fantastic round cushion pad from ebay which … More The end is nigh!

Sad mama.

Hey folks. I just though I’d say hi and that I haven’t forgotten you. It’s been a very stressful weekend for me. My 9 month old baby has chicken pox, I naively thought she’d more or less breeze through it like my 3 year old did 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately her torso and scalp is covered … More Sad mama.

My cushion so far.

So after making the flower brooch yesterday afternoon I felt confident enough to start the cushion. So after putting the girls to bed I sat down on the sofa and put ‘Call the Midwife’ on the TV (it’s a drama set in 1950’s London following a group of midwives attached to a convent – sounds … More My cushion so far.

So many things to crochet…so little time

Since I finished crocheting a dress for Elsie to wear to her dedication ceremony (see below)  I’ve been wondering what to crochet next.   I’ve been going though some magazines and looking online for some inspiration and have found a couple of funky things. This cushion and blanket is just so gorgeous , the colours really compliment each … More So many things to crochet…so little time

Craft time!

Today Poppy and I decided we would have craft time! We tidied up the living room so we could pull out the dining table so we would have lots of space for our things.   I asked Poppy what she wanted to do so she brought me a magazine so she could cut out the … More Craft time!