Anyone for inspiration?

It’s so hard thinking of something deep and meaningful to have as my first post.

It’s a bit like when you’re starting a new craft project. You have all the tools and materials in front of you and you’re so excited to start it. In your head it’s perfect, you know exactly what the finished product will look like but the journey taking you there never quite goes to plan.

My hope for this site is that people will look upon this site for crafty inspiration. I love going online and looking up on Etsy to see what other crafters have made. Those people are so lucky to have found a skill that enables them to create things that people actually want to buy and to bring joy to others.

Every month I get  The World of Cross Stitching magazine delivered (thank you Hubby for my subscription) and when I’m feeling I’ve lost the crafty bug I just read this and other magazines and I get inspired again.

So as I ponder what to put in my next post, I ask (anyone who may have stumbled on this) what is your inspiration?


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