Update on my cushion

Sorry it’s been a couple of days since my last post but I felt that I hadn’t done enough rounds worth a post.

So here is a little update so far.

After the orange round I think I’ll do just one more and then that’s the front side finished. I’ve still to decide what size cushion pad to get. Miss C over at Sewstitchtastic is also crocheting a cushion (go have a look). My finished cushion should be about 14″ diameter but I’ve heard if you want a plump cushion you should choose a cushion 2″ bigger than the cover. Have anyone else heard this? What did you decide on Miss C? I do want a plump cushion but I don’t want the crochet getting all stretched – does anyone have any suggestions?

It may take me a little while to get the cushion finished as Elsie has finally developed chicken pox (I say finally as Poppy had it a week and a half ago so we’ve been waiting for Elsie to show symptoms). The timing has been better this time round as I had already booked today and tomorrow off work (as it’s half term) so I don’t have to take sick time off.

I hope to be a bit quicker with my next post. Let me know what projects you are up to.

3 thoughts on “Update on my cushion

  1. Yeah I have chosen a cushion 2 inches bigger than the diameter of my crochet – you do find that the cushion pad’s stuffing never goes all the way to the edge so your finished cushion shouldn’t be too plumped up making your crochet work stretch. Hope that makes sense. Also, thanks for the mention! 🙂

  2. I do the same with cushions – they always look better if you get a cushion a couple of inches bigger than the cover. It’s extra work, but you could stitch a cotton liner to your cover so the crochet doesn’t stretch. I’m planning to do that with a cover I’m working on!

  3. Thanks for your advice ladies. I bought a 16″ cushion from Ebay this afternoon (after a failed visit to Dunelm Mill – grr).

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