The end is nigh!

Sorry for not doing any posts recently but what with my children having chicken pox and me having to design my church magazine, I’ve barely had time to do any crochet.

Anyway I’m pleased to say the cushion pad arrived a couple of days ago. I got a fantastic round cushion pad from ebay which is just gorgeous (feels just like a nice plump feather cushion but without the spiky bits). However on closer inspection the little cushion is just a bit too plump so I’m having to do a few extra rounds to get my cover to fit nicely. So that is my plan for this evening, I’m going to put the girls to bed and then sit down and do some rounds and get the cushion finished.

Photos should follow soon!!


ps. If you type 16″ round luxury microfibre cushion pad into Ebay you’ll see the cushion I recommend.

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