Babushka doll keyring

Today was a manic day for me. After herding the children and husband out of the house to go to church so we’d get there early we managed to get there just as the service was starting (it’s the same every week no matter what time we leave). We then came home and had a quick lunch then I printed out the directions to a wedding I’m going to tomorrow.

My husband had lots of work he wanted to do in the house so I put Poppy in the car and we went for a drive to become familiar with the directions. Having been gone for over an hour, on our return home Poppy and I decide to have craft time together.

Poppy was happy cutting paper and I decide to make a Babushka doll keyring whose kit came free with issue 11 of Mollie Makes magazine.

I picked up the magazine yesterday as I wanted some crafty inspiration after I finishing my cushion.

So I went online and printed off the template for the keyring ( I don’t know about you but I like to keep my magazines intact).

I set about cutting out the paper templates and then the felt pieces.





After numerous pauses to make dinner, bath a baby, feed the children and hoke out some toy stuffing from my craft stash I finally settled down in front of the TV and finished the keyring. I deviated from their pattern slightly as I wanted the cherries to hang a bit more wonky than they suggested. Making the keyring was just the remedy for a frazzelled  momma – here it is.

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