Plans for my next project.

Can you believe that tomorrow is March! Spring has arrived here and I feel I should go out and take some photos to show you how lovely it is here. However I may wait a week or two until a few more daffodils are out.

Elsie has recovered from her chicken pox and is now back to her mischievous self. She’s now learning to crawl and attempting to pull herself up to a standing position. She’s such a good baby and I’m blessed to have her and Poppy.

Elsie and her baby blanket.

Above is Elsie sitting on the baby blanket I crocheted for her before she was born. I didn’t know if I was having a girl or a boy so I chose colours that would do both. Don’t you just love her little tights, it’s funny cause even the stripes inspire me ( I wish I could have tights like that!).

That leads me onto my next project as I’ve been thinking what it should be as I have so many things I’d like to make.

I recently bought myself a gorgeous notebook with retro style birds printed on the front – when I look at it I feel all creative so it’s an appropriate place to jot down my crafty ideas.

So this evening will be spent writing a few things in my notebook and  tomorrow I shall let you know what I have come up with (the photo gives a hint!)

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