Crochet Blocks. Day 1: Traditional granny square

I’ve decided that my next crochet project will be a month of making 6″ square crochet blocks.

Each day in March I’ll make a different square and post a photo of it on my blog. I’ve set myself this challenge as I want to be able to improve my pattern reading/following skills . I’ll be doing all sorts of crochet squares from the basic to the more difficult but hopefully this month long project will feed my creative crochet side without me getting bored of doing the same stitches.

Day 1: Traditional granny square

Traditional granny square

I thought that for day 1 I’d start with the easiest type of square whose pattern consists of only 7 rounds of treble crochet (UK terms) and chains .

I’ve not blocked this square yet but I wanted to get a photo up today as I’d promised you I would.

Question – where do you buy your yarn online? I. In the past I’ve been on but their website is terrible to use, any other suggestions? I seriously decimated my yarn stash  making my round cushion so I want to restock lots more colours of DK.

8 thoughts on “Crochet Blocks. Day 1: Traditional granny square

  1. Great minds think alike! I’m busy making granny squares too! Mine hopefully will be based on a specific theme when finished. Managed 6 so far – although not sure what to make them into when finished!
    eBay can be pretty good for buying yarn at decent prices!

  2. Try deramore. I dont think it great value but friends do. But I like my wool cheap and cheerful! I like the bargain stands in wool shops. Also b&m, poundstretcher and a little pokey shop on ards opposite the library which sometimes stock nice colours. And the kings square. My 2 fav of all time tho are the wool shops in coleraine and l/Derry. Great bargains to be had in coleraine!!

  3. Hello Miss Pixie,
    What a great idea to crochet a block a day. Keeps your creativity flowing even while busy with children and family. I just noticed that this granny square’s colors match your little one’s outfit on the previous post.

    I’m looking forward to see what you make with these wonderful squares.


    1. I hadn’t noticed – I must be drawn to certain colours without thinking about it (that would explain all the berry colours and greens in my wool stash)

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