Crochet blocks – Day 2: Old Vienna

I don’t know about you but lately I’ve been crochet mad. I have been hooked on cross stitch (I still love it) but this past couple of months all I seem to be doing is crochet, even my husband has commented on it. I thought I’d design a little picture to illustrate how bad it has got:

You know you’ve got it bad when you’re talking to random people about crochet and showing them photos of your work. I was on a First Aid course for work yesterday and was supposed to revise for the practical exam during the lunch break but I just thought about what squares I’d be making soon and what colours to do them in. I even got out my camera to show my fellow 1st aiders what I was working on.

I’ve definitely noticed my eyes having to work harder due to all my crafting lately, I fear I may need to visit the opticians to see if my vision has changed 😦

Day 2: Old Vienna

Old Vienna

Well here is my 2nd square. I have to say that I did find this one a bit tricky. I don’t know whether I was tired or just not concentrating enough but I did have to unravel some trebles (UK) a couple of times as I didn’t count correctly. I’m pleased to say I persevered and got it finished.

It’s now the weekend so I’m looking forward to more crafty time with Poppy. I hope you have a great weekend planned.

3 thoughts on “Crochet blocks – Day 2: Old Vienna

  1. I completely know what you mean – I’ve been crocheting like mad since Christmas! I love your Vienna square – well done for persevering through what looks like a very tricky pattern. It looks absolutely beautiful!

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