Crochet blocks. Day 5 & 6

It’s only Tuesday, this week has been going in slowly and I don’t think it helps that the temperature has fallen as today it was 3C compared to last weeks 14C. I keep meaning to go out with my camera but to be honest the weather hasn’t been great. So I have been indoors busy making crochet squares and have added 2 new styles to my project.

Day 5: Shell Lace

I had to photograph this design on a contrasting colour or else it would’ve been difficult for you to see the design in yellow yarn. The design is made up of ch, dc and tr (UK) of 4 different rows which are repeated 4 times. It’s been the 2nd quickest pattern to make (after the Granny square).

Day 6: Willow

This design is made up of 9 rounds. I especially like the light green rounds as they are very leaf like (I think so anyway) so I think the name Willow is apt.

I’ve also been following some other blogs and have to say some of your work is amazing. I especially liked bunny mummy. Her site is just so colourful and she has lots tutorials showing you how to make all sorts of lovely things. Go on over and have a look, I’m sure you’ll be inspired.

9 thoughts on “Crochet blocks. Day 5 & 6

  1. Your blocks are beautiful, all of them! I especially like the shell lace one. I’m making a blanket out of blocks right now, but since my crochet skills aren’t nearly good enough to be creative, they all look the same. I think this is very creative and very pretty!

    1. Aww thank you. I’ve only been seriously crocheting for about 3 months. For my block project I’m just working from a book. I’ve just chosen the 30 designs that I like and I’ll probably make a little blanket out of the finished squares.

      1. Wow, whats the name of the book? I’m making mine out of a pattern I found online, but I’m always on the hunt for new ones.

      2. It’s ‘200 crochet blocks’ by Jan Eaton. It’s a lovely book even just to look at all the squares and wish that you could make them.

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