Crochet blocks. Day 9 & 10

It’s Sunday night and at the end of a busy weekend I’m sitting with my feet up enjoying reading everyone’s blogs.

Day 9: Daisy Chain

This design is the 1st one I’ve done which features clusters (the beige yarn)

Day 10: Framed Flower

This design contains dc, tr and htr (UK terms). The flower motif in the centre sits proud so it’s a great 3 dimensional square.

After spending the day out visiting my friends Jennifer and Sarah yesterday I decided that today I could no longer put off tiding my living room. It’s the room where I do all my crafting as I have a big dining table to set out my stuff and big comfy sofas to sit on crochet on. Unfortunately this means that all my craft paraphernalia is everywhere and this can be problematic when there are young children about. Only last night when I was crocheting, Elsie (my 10 month old) decided she would help me unravel the yarn I was using.

As lovely as it is having all this new yarn, it does take up a lot of space so I took myself off to one of my favourite shops – Lakeland. I picked up one of their vacuum tote cases and it has been brilliant for reducing this…

 to this…







So I spent most of today cleaning my living room, mopping floors, tiding books and toys away. I had found some craft books I totally forgot that I had bought so I’ll be looking to these for future project ideas.

I went out and got myself some gorgeous flowers to brighten up my now clean living room. Some beautiful blue irises and some daffodils. I had planed to put them together in one big vase but the daffodils were too short for the vase (oops!) so I made 2 different displays.


















Well that’s the end of a busy weekend, I hope you had fun with yours.



7 thoughts on “Crochet blocks. Day 9 & 10

    1. I’m still only a 1/3 of the way through my March project. Glad you stopped by to read my blog – I’m loving your patchwork.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments. It is a great way to learn to read crochet and I’m slowly but surely building up my crochet techniques.

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