Beautiful Blogger Award!


I have been nominated for the beautiful blogger by tinyinc.  Bloggers nominate their favourite blogs for the award.

Tinyinc nominated creativepixie for “for using such beautiful colours in crochet squares”

These are the rules:-

1. Thank the person who nominated you –  Thank you so much for nominating me, I’m enjoying not only providing inspiration to others but seeing how creative everyone else is when I read their blogs.

2. write a few interesting (?) facts about yourself.

I’m a mother of 2 girls

I have a degree in biochemistry

I have a level 1 speech certificate in Portuguese

I am a bit of a bossy boots (so I’ve been told – sorry)

I met my husband when we did a mission trip to South Africa


3.paste the award on your blog – see above!

4. link the person who nominated you for the award –

5. nominate up to about 5 of the blogs you like with links to their sites.

These are the blogs that I love to read and why I have nominated them for the beautiful blogger award:-

Cuteasabutton  – nominated for gorgeous crochet goodies

Bunny Mummy – nominated for beautiful photographs of crochet and fantastic tutorials

Life and other passing thoughts – nominated for such heartfelt thoughts about what life throws at her and living with God

Sewstitchtastic – nominated as I started my blog shortly after Miss C did and we’ve enjoyed encouraging each other in our craftiness 

Crazy Mom Quilts – nominated for beautiful patchwork quilts in some amazing designs

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