Crochet blocks. Days 15 & 16. ( & Baking)

Day 15: Sunshine lace

This is a beautiful square pattern and so simple to make – it also helps that I chose a real sunny yellow/orange colour of yarn.


Day 16: Webbed lace

This is the most unusual pattern I’ve come across yet and it involves lots of dtr’s. The webbing effect shows how well dtr’s can be used in making up crochet patterns.


I hope all you Mums had a lovely Mother’s Day. I was treated to a porcelain jug with ‘love’ stamped on it – from Elsie and Poppy got me the ‘Happy Hooker‘ crochet book. I also treated myself to a gorgeous bunch of roses and the latest edition of Mollie Makes.


Baking day!

Today Poppy told me that she would like to bake some fairy cakes so I got out one of my favourite recipes  and gathered the ingredients together. Elsie decided she wanted to see what all the fuss was about so she sat in her highchair and chewed on a rubber spoon while we got down to business.

The busy baker.



Yummy cake mix.


The proud baker.












Poppy insisted on decorating the cakes herself some with hundreds and thousands and the others with sugar ducks and rabbits.

The finished fairy cakes.

10 thoughts on “Crochet blocks. Days 15 & 16. ( & Baking)

    1. My squares have been taken from a book called ‘ 200 Crochet Blocks for blankets, throws and afghans’ by Jan Eaton – it’s a great book to flick through for inspiration.

      1. Hmmm, might need to get my paws on a copy. In the meantime, the name kept ringing a bell and look what I found on my shelf – Crochet, A South African Guide, by none other than Jan Eaton. The book brought back such memories – my husband (at the time) had gone to New York for his nephew’s barmitzvah and, because I hadn’t been able to take too much time off work, I took Alex to McGregor for 3 days. She was 5 or 6. McGregor is a beautiful, peaceful little ‘dorp’ just on the edge of the karoo, about 2 hours from Cape Town, and we stayed on a farm and were served hearty farm meals three times a day. I found Jan Eaton’s book in a secondhand book shop on the main street. I was working on a needlepoint cushion at the time, from a kit that my husband had bought for me in London. Gosh, I don’t even know where it is now. It was a poppy design…

      2. It sounds lovely, I’ve been to Oribi Gorge near Portshepstone before and that was amazing scenery.

    1. They don’t look the best but hey they were decorated by a 3 year old (and they tasted pretty good too)

  1. I used a webbed lace pattern like the one in your block above to make a scarf and matching round drawstring bag. It really turned out well and the scarf was a nice light weight. That’s the nice thing about these blocks – they are great for all sorts of projects in the future.

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