A lovely weekend. Part 1

On Saturday I was fortunate enough to have the afternoon to myself as my hubby took the children to a friends house so I could have time on my own. The weather was glorious so I decided to make the most of it so I packed up my camera and decided to go for a drive. I went to a place called Shaw’s Bridge, on the other side of Belfast, and was pleasantly surprised by how beautiful it is.

The River Lagan at Shaw's Bridge
The boathouse at Shaw's Bridge

The location is very popular as it’s a very picturesque walk and the river is used by rowers. After taking a few photos here I took the scenic drive home and very pleased to have been able to get this shot.

Hay bales on the Castlereagh Hills

I’ve seen these hay bales all rolled up for the past couple of weeks and I’ve never had my camera with me. So I made the most of this opportunity by stopping the car, putting on my hazard lights and going into the field. I got a few strange looks from people driving down the road but I took no notice.  I’m very lucky to live where I live as I’m on the edge of Belfast, so have easy access to the city, but I’m also 5 minutes from the countryside and 10 minutes from the sea. I should put up some seaside photos but that’s a post for another day. So I got home and as it was still sunny I took my crocheting outside and did some on the lawn. We are very lucky to have a large back garden so we have a great deal of fruit trees and plants.

Blackberry climber

The blackberry has already started climbing up the gate trellis.

Apricot blossom

Our apricot tree has started blossoming, could this be the year we actually get an apricot?! We have many strawberry and raspberry plants, an apple tree and plum tree. I’m looking forward to this summer and getting some of our own fruit, Poppy loves to go out and fill a basket everyday and maybe Elsie will be able to help her this year – she (like her sister) is proving to be a bit of an outdoor girl.

4 thoughts on “A lovely weekend. Part 1

  1. Beautiful pictures!! You’re a very good photographer. So when you say Belfast, is that Belfast, Ireland? Oh how I would love to visit there! Also I have fruit envy! What fun fruits you can grow! I hope you get lots this summer!

    1. Yes, it’s Belfast, Northern Ireland.
      I really am looking forward to the fruit picking, the garden is one of the reasons we bought our house.

  2. I didn’t realise you were in Northern Ireland. I can see how beautiful it is. I spent a lot of time in the UK in my early 20s but never managed to get over to your part of the world, am sorry now!

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