A lovely weekend. part 2

On Sunday we decided that we’d have a lazy day so we took ourselves into Belfast, have a Starbucks coffee and muffin and then we visited my 2 favourite shops. Cath Kidston has only recently opened up a store in Belfast and already it has proved to be very popular with people. I’d only bought from CK before by mail order so I was very excited to have a look round the actual shop.

Poppy and the Cath Kidston window display

In side the shop Poppy couldn’t contain her excitement, I don’t know if it was the Easter theme or the colourful items on sale.

Poppy saw a clothes model standing in the corner of the shop and said – “look, it’s just like Mummy” (I wish I could afford the clothes!)

So Poppy found something she’s always wanted (her words) – a rubber egg. Hubby had to ask if they had any for sale as she’d fallen in love with one of the eggs in the window display. Luckily the sales assistant found one out the back so we left with that and I left with a special little something for myself.


I bought this little pencil case in oilcloth fabric with sweet little flowers printed on it.

After we’d been to Cath Kidston we walked across the street to Avoca – a really beautiful homely shop with gorgeous things – I got myself this beautiful mug with buttons printed on it.


So I’m sure you’re wondering what could you put inside such a little pencil case?



See…crochet is never far from my mind!


18 thoughts on “A lovely weekend. part 2

  1. Hi Jeannie!

    I loved hearing all about your weekend and I do love all the Cath Kidson things and I especially love the pencil case filled with crochet hooks. It makes my heart happy!

    Happy Crocheting,

  2. I had never heard of Cath Kidston until I started connecting with so many “across the pond” via blogland. I don’t think they sell her stuff here in the US, but it’s really pretty! It seems like her stuff is similar to Vera Bradley, which is really popular here. Love that mug!

    1. The wording was put on using Photoshop Elements. As for my crochet hooks- they’re an Ebay special, £3 for 8 bamboo sticks from China!

      1. I found aluminium was a bit too hard for my fingers,the bamboo has a bit of give in it so is easier for me to use.

    1. It’s such a lovely store – my photos don’t really show the total loveliness. There is real nostalgia about the store, almost like you’ve raided the best bits of your granny’s house and brought it right up to date.

  3. We sell Cath Kidston where I work! I’m in love with the picnic ware at the moment… I’m dreaming of a beach picnic in the sun! Lovely blog 🙂

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