Granny square baby blanket

Well I finally finished the granny square baby blanket!

After weeks of making 25 squares, I then did a final outer round in cream on each square.

I know there’s a bit of debate as to which is the best way to join crocheted squares. Personally I think it is much quicker to crochet the squares together than to sew them (however sewing does give a smoother result). Soย I crocheted all the squares together and did 2 rounds in cream round the joined up 5×5 squares.

Crocheting the squares gives a ridged look on the back but I think this adds interest the blanket.

So the blanket is now waiting to be wrapped up and delivered to its new little owner – welcome to the world baby Will.

20 thoughts on “Granny square baby blanket

  1. I absolutely LOVE your blanket. I think joining with crochet gives it more character. He ll be one toasty warm baby. ๐Ÿ™‚ x

    1. I had to go through my stash see what colours would be suitable for a boy.I didn’t want to do just blues cause that’s boring (when I had my girls I was given so much pink so now when doing baby gifts I try to stay away from the stereotypical colours). I love the green-its meadow by Stylecraft Special DK yarn.

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