‘Old Skool Weekend’ TV

This morning my Hubby has taken the children out for a couple of hours so I can have ‘me’ time (how generous!).

So what to do…

  • start a new crochet project
  • do some cross stitch
  • read a magazine
  • or watch tv

a ha!

CITV ( a UK childrens TV channel) is 30 years old this week so the channel is having an ‘Old Skool Weekend’ where it is showing old childrens TV shows from back in the 1980’s/90’s. If you grew up in the UK and are in your late 20’s/early 30’s then these shows are probably what you watched.

Here’s what’s on:


Mike and Angelo

Super Gran




Engie Bengy

Raggy Dolls

Raggy Dolls

Puddle Lane

Count Duckula

The Sooty Show

Art Attack

Art Attack

The Big Bang

Finders Keepers

Fun House

Fun House


Fraggle Rock

Fraggle Rock

The Worst Witch



Press Gang

The Tomorrow People

Children’s Ward


Mike and Angelo


Huxely Pig



Button Moon

Button Moon

The Riddlers

Rosie and Jim

Danger Mouse

Sooty & Co.

How 2

Finger Tips

Jungle Run

Fun House


Fraggle Rock

My Parents are Aliens

The planet’s funniest animals


Press Gang

The Tomorrow people

Children’s Ward

One of my favourite shows (which is still going but with a different presenter) was Art Attack. It’s an arts and crafts show for children in which you can make all sorts with household materials, paint and the ever present PVA glue. ย I remember as a child making marble printed paper, tree paintings using straws and paper mache ย items all from this show. It was and still is a brilliant crafty TV show for children

So the TIVO box has been set to record so I’m going to be having a lazy weekend catching up on old memories. So if you recognise any of these shows then treat yourself to a trip down memory lane.

18 thoughts on “‘Old Skool Weekend’ TV

  1. Aaawwww I missed Count Duckula ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    I’m a bit older than that but watched a lot of these with Big Little Bro (who is 10 years younger!!). Big J has been enjoying all these kids shows he has never seen before and wishes some of them were still on. Looking forward to Dangermouse tomorrow and Mr P is looking forward to The Tomorrow People – got to be older than early 30’s for that ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Oh my goodness, I didn’t realise this was happening. Count Duckula! Fun House! Knightmare! Rainbow! It’s a complete walk through my favourite childhood TV shows. I hope you have a fantastic wander down memory lane!

  3. I spent so much of this weekend sat in front of the TV watching this, it was excellent! My favourites were Art Attack, Rosie & Jim, Sooty and Count Duckula. I used to have the last 2 on VHS, I miss my tapes!

    1. I’ve been surprised at how many people were so excited to hear their childhood TV shows were back on TV. Me and my daughters really enjoyed watching Sooty & co. I wonder if it’s available on DVD-I’m off to check on Amazon.

      1. Aww I’m glad your daughters enjoyed it, Sooty is very cute. I didn’t think there’d be any of the older stuff on Amazon but there is!! Some DVDs are only ยฃ4….think I’ll be investing in one come payday :oD

      2. I totally agree. My eldest daughter (who’s 4) has recently discovered Scooby Doo which is something else I loved to watch as a child.

  4. You know, I’ve tried several times before to click and view your blog by way of your icon on my posts, and this is the first time I can remember “getting through”. Must be because we’re across the pond? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I’m so glad to get to “meet” you. Cute profile photo on your sidebar.
    Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me a “like”. I love seeing people who have stopped by.
    I enjoyed visiting – I’ll have to do it again some time!
    We had Captain Kangaroo, Mr. Magoo, and the rest. I remember a teacher who would teach Spanish and one who would play the piano. But my times go back MUCH farther than yours . . . a LONGer time ago! Back then, the Test Pattern was quite popular as well. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks, Jenn

  5. This brought back some great memories…I loved Fraggle Rock and am happy that my boys get to enjoy it now ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!! I look forward to following along with your adventures as well!

    1. Thanks for your message. I’ve enjoyed showing my girls the tv progs I used to watch when I was little.

  6. Just wanted to let you know that I’d like to nominate you for some awards: The Liebster Award, for blogs with less than 200 followers, the One Lovely Blog Award, The Premio Award (for those who comment on other blogs) and the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I hope that’s ok, and I’ll put it in a post soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

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