An exciting delivery

Yesterday I received not one but 2 craft deliveries!!!!

abakhan bag web

The first was contained in this canvas shopping bag (which is a lot bigger than I expected). I totally agree with the slogan ‘Love fabric…hate plastic’

dress project web

It’s a toddler dress pattern. Since watching the Great British Sewing Bee I wanted to make Elsie a summer dress. I choose this pattern as there are 2 variations of the same dress. Some bright cerise cotton and pink buttons should make a beautiful dress -if I can make it properly 😉

dress pattern web

Isn’t this dress really cute. If things go well I might make both dresses, the left one has 2 pockets whereas the right dress has an alternate strip of fabric along the hem.

The second project I’d like to make is a crochet bag to keep current craft projects in. I saw this bag on Pinterest and thought “oooh I’d love to make something like this”.

zpagetti bag inspiration project web

This bag is crocheted with Zpagetti recycled textile yarn (which is 92% cotton, 8% lycra). It looks like a t-shirt that has been torn into a long strip so that it can be worked just like a yarn on big knitting needles/crochet hook.

zpagetti project web

I ordered a roll of grey zpagetti – it comes in a massive 800g roll which is approx 120m long. I also chose a pair of plastic bag handles and some retro print cotton. It’s my plan to line the bag with the turquoise/purple fabric so that little things can’t escape through the holes. I don’t have a pattern for the bag so I’m just going to make it up as I go along and if it works out I’ll share the pattern.

So now I’m left with a dilemma – which project do I start first….the dress or the bag?

21 thoughts on “An exciting delivery

  1. Gorgeous Jean! I made bags very similar to this last year then lined them with brightly coloured bags from poundland turned inside out which were exactly the right size! Hate sewing. Not patient enough. It was a smallish clutch size bag, not big enough for yarn projects, but if I can find the pattern it might give you an idea?
    Still loving the blog!

    1. Excellent, I’d like to see that. Do I take it that you vote for the bag to be started 1st?

  2. Because I have never created a pattern of my own I would do the sewing first. I am interested to see how your bag turns out. Have you made your own pattern before?
    Love your choice of fabric and buttons for your daughter’s dress.

  3. I like both the bag, and the dress pattern but the bag is really cute. I think the bag might take a longer time than the dress so I say the bag first. Be Blessed, Mtetar

    1. Thanks for your comment, I think I probably will start the bag first. Though I have to finish a baby blanket I’ve been working on-just 3 more rounds to go then sewing in the ends.

  4. Hi Pixie! I’m new to your blog but i’m now following to make sure I don’t miss any more of your updates! Thanks for the creaive inspiration 🙂 x

    1. Thanks for visiting! I nipped over to your blog – must get to Primary for some of those floral pumps.

  5. Hello!

    Thanks for dropping by in my blog few days back! 🙂 Nice to know that someone has the same interests at me!

    …and I would say start with the dress first! The other will take loads of time!!

    Have a great Thursday! 🙂

  6. Love your blog 🙂 I’d go with the bag too. I haven’t really looked into recycled yarn before but that one sounds awesome. Can’t wait to see some pics!

  7. I would do both. The crochet is portable but the sewing is not. I can also crochet when tired but not sew. You have to have a variety of projects on the go…..;)

  8. Abakhan in Manchester’s northern quarter is one of my fave craft shops. I used to spend hours in there when I was still living in that area. Then when I moved I found out they do online orders and my love for them grew! The crocheted bag is awesome. I’ve never heard of the zpagetti yarn before but I may have to buy some!

    1. I too love craft shops and online craft shopping is so dangerous. …so much spent after 1 click 🙂

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