An orange crochet shrug

Hi blogland followers, I hope you’re all well.

It’s the end of the 1st week of my family staycation fortnight. We’ve had many days out, picnics and visited quite a few play parks. My husband says I’m a bit of a worrier when it comes to letting our 2 year old Miss E free to run around a play ground and try out all the climbing frames and slides. So I’ve had to restrain myself and do you know what, she has really surprised me with what she can do. She thinks nothing of scaling a 5 foot rung of ladders and slide. Miss P is also very good at looking out for her little sister (which is good since Miss E wants to do everything she does).

While I’ve been off I have completed my latest crochet project – the Eleanor shrug which I found on Ravely here.

Cue embarrassing photos of me 😛

creative pixie orange shrug

The pattern was really easy to follow and the only change I made was that I only crocheted 24″ of the main pattern instead of the suggested 27″. I was worried that it might be too big and baggy if I went with the 27″ so I’m happier with the more fitted result. Even though I didn’t do 3″ of pattern I ended up using 6.5 x 50g balls of Louisa Harding, Ianthe yarn (in yummy orange) with the suggested 4.5mm hook. The yarn is 50% extra fine merino:50% cotton so it’s really soft and lovely to work with.

creative pixie shrug front view

The shell pattern was simple to do once memorised so I didn’t need to print out reams of pattern to take with me. The shell pattern is crocheted in a rectangle shape, folded in half, sewed armholes then a border crocheted in the round (there are 6 rounds). The stitches needed are: ch, htr, tr, dtr (UK terms)

creative pixie shrug back view

I really enjoyed making something for myself for once and would like to make something else in future, does anyone have any other crochet clothing patterns to recommend?


38 thoughts on “An orange crochet shrug

  1. Gorgeous shrug, the colour is lovely too and it really suits you! There’s a Rowan book called Holiday Crochet which has some nice garments in and also I think some of the patterns from their Summer Crochet book are available for free on their website (as that book is now out of print). Interweave Crochet magazine might be worth a look as well 🙂

  2. Hi pretty Pixie Lady! Your pics look great and your shrug looks awesome on you!! Great job!! I want to tackle a garment of some kind now too!! Have a wonderful rest of your staycation! I love staying home on vacations!!! Hugz Lisa and of course Bear too!!

    1. Give it a go, once you know the basics it’s very therapeutic. It also requires less materials than you would need for sewing.

  3. thank you for sharing the pattern.. i’m having a go at it.. heehee.. making it in pink though… ahhh.. i love your orange top.. just that I can’t get bright orange ones here.. emmm.. 😀

  4. LOVE the shrug. It is beautiful. I 9rightly or wrongly) assume that children will only do what they are comfortable with. It sounds as if I am more like your husband although I am not sure this is a good thing. 😉

    1. I’m getting better at letting Elsie do what she wants in the playground. I guess I have to trust that I’ve taught her what’s safe and what’s not. We’re getting bunk beds for the girls this week so hopefully she’ll keep to the lower bunk 🙂

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