Crochet and pumpkins

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well and doing autumnal things?

I love autumn, the colours, the countryside, wildlife and wearing scarves and boots.

This weekend an event was held by the National Trust at Castle Ward called Pumpkinfest.

Castle Ward Pumpkinfest web

As you can see this was an event, held at a stately home, that embraced all things pumpkin and scarecrow like (no mention of Halloween here) for children. We took the girls and my nephew along to get some pumpkins carved. They chose which one they wanted, scooped out the seeds, drew a face on it and then took them along for some staff to cut out the design.

Here are the pumpkins that we took home.

Creative Pixie carved pumpkins

As it’s that time of the year I have designed my own little crochet pumpkin. Click here for a free pdf of the pattern. If you make one do let me know how you get on.

Creative Pixe small crochet pumpkin

Isn’t it so cute! It is only 4.75 cm in diameter so quite small but you can adapt the pattern to make a large pumpkin if you wish…hey if you have orange Zpaghetti you could make a giant pumpkin pouffe!

Creative Pixie crochet pumpkins

I hope this has inspired you to get making your own pumpkins (carvings or crochet).

Jean x

17 thoughts on “Crochet and pumpkins

    1. Ah my little pumpers. I’ve seen some amazing knitted ones online, so I may give those a go if I get a free hour or two.

    1. Thank you. There was an amazing quantity of pumpkins there on the day and I hear they had to order extra due to the demand on Saturday.

  1. I was just thinking about making crochet pumpkins this morning but I was thinking of flat ones, sort of like a coaster. I’ll have to have a go at yours. Now I will have to go back to town for the orange yarn that I resisted today. I’m hoping to have some autumny things to decorate from my newly painted twigs. I’m starting with the leaves but I fancy some cobwebs too.

    1. Ooh pumpkin coasters would look good.I thought about doing some kind of hanging leaf window display but I think my kittens would have any field day with it πŸ˜‰

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