Christmas decorations part 1

We are well and truly into December now and already I’m starting to panic about not having enough time. No…I’ve already got most of my Christmas presents ordered (thank you Mr. Amazon), I’m beginning to think that I haven’t got enough time to make all the Christmas related crafts that I want to.

Last week I went to the local quilting shop and bought some fabric and batting for a couple of sewing machine projects I needed to complete. The first was this:

Cross stitch stocking

a Christmas cross stitch stocking. My sister spent the best part of a year doing this cross stitch during her rare free moments and I promised her that when she had completed it I would sew it into a stocking. She did a great job with the sewing and her husband was very pleased to have his own Christmas stocking (finally!).

After I sewed the stocking I made up a Christmas wall hanging using a fabric panel I found at a craft fair last month.

Chrsitmas wall hanging being sewn

Phew – sewing all those straight lines was hard work, especially with how thick it was.

When all the sewing was complete I screwed some cup hooks to the top of my living room door, got some wooden doweling cut to size, fed it through some ribbon loops on the top of the hanging and then hung the wall hanging from the hooks.

Et volia – here’s the finished Christmas wall hanging and some close up views. (Apologies for the bad lighting but it’s been pretty dark and dull here lately).

Completed Christmas wall hanging

Top third of hanging edited

middle third of Christmas wall hanging

lower third of Christmas wall hanging

All this Christmas craft got me in the mood to put up my Christmas tree – so here’s a pic of the Creative Pixie tree 2013.

Christmas tree 2013

We had to make it cat proof this year so alas none of my gorgeous glass/sentimental decorations could go on it. My worries came true as I have caught the cats climbing the tree as well as pulling the decorations off and hiding them (my poor Sally doll from Nightmare Before Christmas seems to be a particular favourite of Flynns). I’ve yet to get a good photo of the cats climbing the tree – they’re just too quick!

How’s all your Christmas crafting coming along?

Jean x

11 thoughts on “Christmas decorations part 1

  1. Jean, I’m just catching up with my blogger friends. Your sister did a beautiful stocking, and how wonderful it’s now a real stocking to use this Christmas. Oh, your wall hanging is BEAUTIFUL!! I love homemade decorations, too.

    Marianne xo

    1. Thanks Marianne 🙂 My sister was saying last night that she aims to make a stocking for her 2 sons and herself – one a year is doable she thinks. It’ll be the same pattern but different colours.

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