Make it Monday: heart pom-pom garland

Happy Monday everyone! I had a brain-wave for this weeks project whilst reading your comments for the heart brooch I posted last week. A few of you commented on how the brooch would be perfect for Valentines Day so I put on my thinking cap for another suitable project for Valentines Day (which is 3 and a half weeks away).

Here it is – my heart shaped pom-pom garland.

Creative Pixie heart pom pom garland

If you can make pom-poms then you can make this.

For this I used Red Heart Shimmer in pink which I’d received several months ago in a goodie bag, it’s a gorgeous soft pink aran weight yarn with metallic flecks throughout…

Creative Pixie Red Heart Shimmer pink yarn

… and 2 sizes of Clover Pom-Pom maker, the 1 inch for the extra small balls and a 2.5 inch for the large pom-pom. If you need a video tutorial on how to use it click here.


I made 6 small pom-pom balls and 5 of the larger balls. To create the heart shape of the larger pom-poms I got some scissors and cut them to shape – it really is as easy as that.

Creative Pixie heart pom pom close up

Have a bag on your lap while you trim them as it’s a messy business 🙂  When all the trimming is completed then thread the balls and hearts onto a length of the same yarn, alternating them as you go. NB. When threading on the heart pom-poms do so towards the upper half of the pom-pom so that it hangs the right way up when displayed (otherwise you get an upside down heart as there’s more weight in the upper half).

Creative Pixie heart pom pom garland close up 2

Hopefully this has inspired you to have a go yourself.

Jean x

18 thoughts on “Make it Monday: heart pom-pom garland

  1. I went ooohhhh when I saw this! Being a big fan of the pom pom maker this is a lovely idea for a girls bedroom. I’ve seen the heart shaped pom pom makers but didn’t appreciate you could just trim them into shape so easily.
    Really lovely.

  2. That is a sweet garland!!! I love it! I have never seen those pom-pom makers before. They look pretty easy to use. I will have to look for it the next time I am at the craft store.

  3. I bought a couple of the round pompom makers over Christmas here in France, having heard all the fuss about them in the U.K., and I saw a heart shaped one for sale. I wondered what could be done with heart shaped pompoms and now I know!!
    p.s. thanks for the follow!

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