An iris planter

Last Sunday was the first dry (and not totally freezing day) for ages so we went for a walk round Mount Stewart lake. After our walk and a visit to the cafe to warm up,  I had a browse of the gift shop where I found a bargain.

A ceramic planter with iris bulbs.
I finally got round to planting the bulbs with the help of my girls.

As you can see they’re totally hands on when it comes to gardening.
They emptied half the bag of compost into the planter then carefully placed the bulbs in before covering them up with their little composty blanket. We gave them a watering and now the planter sits on the mantlepiece.

Looking forward to watching them grow…
See a little shoot has already sprouted
Have a great weekend whatever you get up to.

5 thoughts on “An iris planter

  1. This is lovely, and the flowers are going to look so beautiful! I love having a home filled with plants and flowers but i’m not very good at keeping things alive… xx

    1. I discovered some of last years daffodils sprouting in my kitchen (I had stored them after they had flowered last spring ). They now sit on my mantle next to the irises looking happy 🙂

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