Make it Monday: foam play pizza

I don’t know about you but I LOVE Pinterest. When your days are feeling grey and you’re lacking crafty inspiration, just go onto Pinterest and you get your crafting mojo back.

That’s where I found my inspiration for this weeks make. Having 1 sick little girl at home this weekend I decided to make something to cheer her up. I found a fantastic play food pizza here: the felt pizza looks so good.

Here’s my version made from foam.

creative pixie MIM foam pizza featured photo

Materials you’ll need are: different colours of funky foam and scissors.

I chose 8 colours:

MIM  pizza foam pieces labelled

and cut out the ingredients using my templates. If you want to download PDF versions the base and sauce are here and the toppings are here.

Miss E enjoyed playing with the pieces…

creative pixie MIM foam pizza Miss E collage photo

and so did I 🙂

creative pixie MIM my foam pizza

creative pixie MIM foam pizza slice

Yum yum.

Have a great week.


14 thoughts on “Make it Monday: foam play pizza

  1. I can imagine what fun little Miss E had with this wonderful pizza. I hope she is feeling much better!

    Blessings for a happy, healthy household,

    Marianne xo

  2. What a wonderful idea, my boys would love that! You could even go one step further and make other food for them to play with. I’m thinking fried eggs, bacon, toast, etc.

    1. Yes Miss E got better and then Miss P came down with an awful virus for 2 days – she had me worried. We’re all good now thanks for asking.

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