Make it Monday: prayer pot

This weeks make is one that Mr Pixie did with our girls.

We are leaders in our church creche and for a weekend this month our church is taking part in a 24/7 prayer chain. This is part of a global initiative from 24-7 Prayer , there are currently 108 prayer chains taking place in 25 countries. To prepare our little preschoolers for this Mr Pixie wanted to make some prayer pots with the children (Miss P had done something similar with her Rainbows group) so our Miss P and Miss E were the guinea pigs.

The finished pots contain sticks on which prayer points are written, the child can pick out a stick and pray for whatever is written on the stick.

The materials required are: a disposable cup, coloured jumbo lolly sticks, glittery foam shapes, self adhesive foil paper, scissors and a pen.

MIM prayer pot materials

The cup can be decorated however you choose with the paper and foam shapes (self adhesive paper and paper rules out the need for PVA glue – bonus!).

MIM Miss E and P making a prayer pot

Here’s my girls decorating their pots and sticks.

At the top of each stick a foam shape was stuck and a prayer point written on the lower end of the stick. Prayer points can be anything e.g. family, friends, animals, school …

MIM Miss E prayer sticks

I just love these coloured sticks, the colours are so vibrant. I’ll have to think up another project for them as they came in a pack of 100!

So here are the finished prayer pots, Miss P’s pot:

MIM Miss P finished prayer pot

and Miss E’s pot:

MIM Miss E finished prayer pot

This was a great make for keeping little hands busy and well done to Mr Pixie for organising it.


11 thoughts on “Make it Monday: prayer pot

    1. Thanks, he is very good with his girls. He asked me to include his activity on a Make it Monday post – so he may have more makes up his sleeve.

  1. Jean, such a wonderful idea!! and the sticks are like a rainbow, which I say ‘a rainbow is the promise of God”….so these prayers will definitely be heard and answered.
    Blessings for you and your family,
    Marianne xo

    1. Thanks, I’ll pass on your comments. The coloured sticks look even better in real life so it’d be great if I could think up another project using them.

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