Make it Monday: simple skirt tutorial

Hey everyone, I hope you had a great weekend.

This week I thought I’d go back to my sewing roots and do a little skirt tutorial.

creative pixie MIM simple skirt 2

I found this fabulous dragon jersey fabric a couple of months ago on the Minerva Crafts website in their clearance section. The dragon has some sparkle (sorry it doesn’t photo well) to it which helps it feel that bit more magical 🙂

creative pixie MIM simple skirt materials

This skirt is so simple to make so give it a go – my tutorial can be downloaded for free here.

creative pixie MIM simple skirt 1

creative pixie MIM simple skirt 3

creative pixie MIM simple skirt 4

MIss P loves her new skirt and I have loads of fabric left over so I could make her something else from it, any suggestions?

Anyone else enjoying the Great British Sewing Bee? I’ve a feeling we’ll all be doing a lot more sewing over the next couple of months. I’ve been looking online for some dress making inspiration and I love the look of the new Coco pattern from Tilly and the Buttons (Tilly was a competitor from series 1 GBSB), I must get round to buying the pattern and having a go at it.

I’ll leave you to get up to your own making, have a great week.


13 thoughts on “Make it Monday: simple skirt tutorial

  1. Wow, amazing fabric! What a cool skirt! Do you have enough material left to make a long-sleeved top too?
    I picked some great tips up during the first Sewing Bee series, can’t wait for the next episode of season two!

    1. It really is fun, I went online to see if they have anymore for me but that seems to be the last of it. I may have enough for a little top for her, if not her little sister.
      I’m loving the bee, a couple of people said I should go in for it but I think I wouldn’t get past the 1st stage, though after watching last weeks episode you do have to wonder how they select contestants.

      1. You should go for it!! 🙂 Yeah, some people clearly have a lot more skills and experience than others, but presumably they’re looking for potential? Last season, May was particularly pleased to see people develop their abilities over time.

  2. So cute, Jean! I’m sure she loves it. With some leftover you could make a headband, or a clip bow…a small tote for her favorite things to bring to grandparents sleep over, or even a soft pillow to lay her pretty head while watching her favorite movie or reading her favorite book.

    Blessings for more ideas,
    Marianne xo

  3. New follower here! Looks great! I think the fabric would look really cool as a bag, you know the ones that are little sacks and have the string at the top to close it? With a nice gold drawstring, very magic!

  4. This is lovely! If you have enough fabric left you should make a matching skirt for yourself
    Thanks for doing such a lovely post with the fabric and the free tutorial is great – we shall receommend it to people!
    Vicki (from Minerva Crafts)

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