Make it Monday: LEGO sewing machine

This week I’ve included a little fun make for the children (and big children) – a LEGO sewing machine.

Creative pixie lego sewing machine portrait2

My girls love playing with LEGO and it’s something I would encourage them to play with as it helps develop the logic part of their brains as well as their fine motor skills. Ever since we went to see The LEGO Movie last week they have shown more of an interest (if that’s possible), Miss P asked if I’d build her a LEGO city! Alas we don’t have that much LEGO but I went through all her blocks and I made a fun little LEGO sewing machine.

If you want to have a go here is the free tutorial to download, stating what blocks you need and how to assemble them.

Creative pixie lego sewing machine ready to sew

I even made a little LEGO piece of patchwork (ha ha!), using blue ‘thread’ to sew together the pink and purple ‘fabric’.

Creative pixie lego sewing machine finished

Have fun.


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