Make it Monday: Fabric mouse pincushion tutorial

Another Monday and after a couple of weeks of sore hands (due to my scalpel injury and eczema) I’ve finally been able to do some sewing!

This weeks tutorial is for a fabric mouse which can either be used for a cat toy or for a pin cushion.

Creative pixie  MIM finished mouse

Creative pixie  MIM finished mouse pin cushion

Using some materials I had in my craft stash it was easy enough to whip up a quick make.

Creative pixie  MIM mouse materials

I’ve written up a tutorial for it so if you’re interested in making one (no sewing machine is required as it’s all done by hand) the PDF can be downloaded from here.

I made the mouse to be a toy for one of my cats, Luna. Here she is having a good sniff of her new toy.

Creative pixie  MIM finished mouse and Luna

She chased it around the around the living room, then promptly dunked it in her water bowl – a sign of approval me thinks, she’s forever doing that to her favourite toys!

Have a great week everyone, and stay in touch – don’t forget I’m on Twitter

Jean x

19 thoughts on “Make it Monday: Fabric mouse pincushion tutorial

    1. Thanks. I was a bit offended at first but when my husband explained that she only does it to toys she loves then that made me feel better #minxycat. Thankfully I took photos of it before she started playing with it properly – it doesn’t look as good anymore. Have you ever made anything for your cat? I’m keen to make more toys for mine.

  1. your mouse is so cute, I make knitted mice for the RSPCA and Cats protection and put catnip in them and my cat loves them too. I have started making knitted fish, I think fabric fish would look amazing if you hang them off string on a stick. Does your cat like crinkly things? You could make little balls and then fill then with sweet wrappers (like the roses or quality street kind)

    1. That’s a great idea for old sweet wrappers, they do try and steal empty sweet wrappers off the coffee table. Your knitted mice look very cute, like something from Bagpuss, I’m sure they wake up when you’re not looking. πŸ˜‰

      1. ah thank you so much πŸ™‚ did you hand sew the mice? As with my disability i can not use my legs for a sewing machine and also my seizures would be a problem. As if you hand sewed then i may have to go on ebay and get some material to make some πŸ™‚

      2. Yes I hand sewed them (I couldn’t be bothered getting my sewing machine out) whilst watching the film Big on the sofa – Sunday afternoon viewing is excellent for crafting. You should definitely give it a go, I just left a comment on your blog about knitting some of your fish – they look great πŸ™‚

  2. I just read you hand sewed them! I am terrible aren’t I? I was just looking at all the amazing pictures while shoving the laptop in my husbands face saying look at this!!!!

  3. Cute! I’m glad your cat enjoys it πŸ™‚ And I got a bit of a laugh with the voodoo mouse comment. I think that was how I felt looking at it.

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