Knitted fish gift

Today I was lucky enough to receive a parcel from the wonderful Hayley at loobyloucreations.
She recently did a blog post featuring some rainbow catnip fish that she had knitted. I commented on how lovely they are and she had said about making her own mouse from my fabric mouse tutorial so we suggested a swap. I offered to send her some fabric squares so she could make her own mice in return for a knitted fish for my cats.

So here’s what arrived today – 2 fish!!


Cute aren’t they.
My cats immediately showed an interest in their new toys.


Sniff sniff.


Flynn was busy flicking the fish across the floor.


Luna just wanted to rub the catnip fish all over her face.

Thanks so much Hayley for your very kind gift.
Jean x

9 thoughts on “Knitted fish gift

  1. Love these. And love your cats and the action shots! I can just picture the fun they had! xx
    P.S. Your tabby cat’s face is identical to that of my beloved late tabby, Yoda. 🙂

  2. oh wow! They look like they are having so much fun 🙂 I love it, thank you so much for swapping with me it’s so great when we can do this as when I make a fabric mouse hopefully today its something new for me and its great! thank you so much

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