Make it Monday: Lucet cord brooch

So if you read yesterdays blog post you’ll see that we had a family visit to the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum. At the very end we called into the gift shop and this is where I found this little item:

creative pixie MIM lucet in the packet

it’s a lucet. A lucet is a Viking or Medieval tool used to create cord or braiding, so it’s a bit like ancient knitting in that you work yarn around the fork and pull loops of yarn off using the stick.

It was very easy to use, as well as being quick.

creative pixie MIM  lucet cord

I just used the yarn that came with the pack and after several minutes i had this:

creative pixie MIM  lucet finished cord

I admit that I had trouble of thinking what to do with this so in the end I came up with the idea of a flower brooch for Miss P.

creative pixie MIM  lucet cord into a flower shape

I looped the cord round to get 5 petal shapes and then looped the excess around the middle and sewed a button in place to hold it all together.

creative pixie MIM  lucet cord flower and button

After sewing a safety pin on the back I gave it to Miss P to wear.

creative pixie MIM  lucet finished lucet brooch

I think that if there were more things you could make with the lucet cord then it would be more popular but it may be a good way to get the children into yarn work. The kit was really simple to use so I think I’ll give it to Miss P to have a play with and see how she does.

Speak soon



6 thoughts on “Make it Monday: Lucet cord brooch

    1. You can feed the cord through the hole once it’s long enough, I had a look online and there are others which have just a handle so the hole isn’t integral to how it works.

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