Make it Monday: A tidy front garden

I hope you all had a lovely Easter either with family or friends. My girls got loads of Easter eggs and managed to eat a whole one before the Easter morning church service :-/
I’ve been using this time off work to tidy up the front garden. The weather has been very good and it just lifts the spirits being outside and working with nature.
The grass was cut and the flower beds on each side of the path were cleared. The only thing staying were some strawberry plants and the lavender plants but the grass had started growing through those so the easiest thing was to dig them up and replant them.
I also went to the local garden centre and bought some new plants.


A bleeding heart plant – such pretty little flowers swinging.


Some sort of daisy plant (I think?) such bright white flowers.


Some of the rescued strawberry plants replanted in a pot by the front door.


The tidy flower beds look good, I’m hoping they look amazing once the dahlias and lobelia plants grow.
Anyone else been doing some gardening?  I’ve been looking for some inspiration of beautiful front gardens –  any suggestions for websites or books?  We’re hoping to do more work in our huge back garden this year but we’ll have to clear it up and cut the hedges first.
Happy gardening!

7 thoughts on “Make it Monday: A tidy front garden

  1. After a wonderful family Easter, I have just spent a happy afternoon weeding and now I feel virtuous. I love being able to spend time outside, really lifts the spirits. Now for my mug of Earl Grey and a little knitting. Lovely post

  2. We had a lovely autumn day in the garden today…the best gardening seasons of the year in both hemispheres at the moment! If given the chance I’d spend every day in my garden! (And end it with crochet and reading!) 🙂

  3. We’re just getting started in the garden, here in upstate New York, but it so wonderful to be back at it! I’ll look forward to seeing how your plants fill in.

  4. It all looks lovely. I’m not much of a gardener myself, but I do enjoy spending time in the beauty that others manage to coax from the soil. Great pictures — hope you post more as the season progresses.

  5. Lovely garden! We currently don’t have a back or front yard, but I’d love to have a mix of flower colours and shapes if we could. I don’t know a whole lot about gardening, but those look like Ox-eye daisies?

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