Make it Monday: an upcycled T-shirt

This weeks make is something that should appeal to any parent of a young child – an upcycled T-shirt.

Miss E had this T-shirt when she was 1 (she turned 3 last week) and although I’ve given most of her small clothes to my niece I couldn’t really give this to her as it has a stain on it. I couldn’t bear to throw it out so the T-shirt stayed in a drawer until I recently had the idea to do something with it.

MIM creative pixie old Tshirt

I especially like the applique butterfly on it, embellished with buttons.

MIM creative pixie old Tshirt close up

I decided to cut out the butterfly and sew it onto another T-shirt – thus getting rid of the stained t-shirt whilst keeping the cute butterfly.

This T-shirt was lying at the bottom of her drawer and would be perfect for the butterfly to be added to.

MIM creative pixie new Tshirt

So out came the sewing machine (which is in bad need of a service – grr) and I carefully sewed around the butterfly.

MIM creative pixie upcycled Tshirt

Miss E was so excited by me making her a ‘new’ T-shirt – not bad for a quick make to jazz up a plain T-shirt and making use of something that would’ve probably gone to land fill.

MIM creative pixie upcycled Tshirt & Miss E

She’s such a cutie.

Jean x

11 thoughts on “Make it Monday: an upcycled T-shirt

    1. Thank you, she is but then I’m biased 🙂 It’s funny as it’s the 1st time I’ve got her to pose for a blog post photo and she’s obviously been watching when I’ve taken photos of Miss P for previous posts.

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