May Day in Oz

Today is May Day in the UK, a Bank holiday so most people have the day off work and spend it doing lovely things with their family. Unfortunately the weather has not been on our side as it’s been raining so our original plan (a trip to Castle Ward) had to be abandoned. We ended up spending the afternoon having cinema time – a movie on the TV and snacks.


We watched the Wizard of Oz, which both girls found very entertaining, that is until the Wicked Witch tried to catch Toto. Miss E spontaneously burst into tears and was very upset that Dorothy couldn’t go home and that Toto had run away. She sat on my knee until the very end of the film and then grinned a broad smile when she realised that Dorothy and Toto had got home. We’ve always said that Miss E is very caring and she really does love all animals – apart from spiders but that’s another story.

Have a good week everyone.


3 thoughts on “May Day in Oz

  1. Jean, you made a wise choice to stay home and watch a film..we went to a NT property and it was heaving, queues everywhere! I’d have loved to have stayed home and watch Wizard of Oz with you too!

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