Make it Monday: Teacher gift ideas

Here in the UK we are nearing the end of the school year (end of June for NI) so I though I’d share a couple of links to some other blogs that I’ve found fab teacher gift ideas on.

The best thing about these blogs is that the bloggers are either teachers or know teachers so they know from experience what makes a good teacher gift to be treasured.

The first link is to Moogly which is crochet and knitting blog. The blog is inspiring not only for the variety of crochet/knittng stitches it features but also different things that you can make with wool – not everything is blankets and hats 🙂

Moogly gift ideas

Another blog with links to great homemade gift ideas is Cheerios and Lattes.

Cheerios and lattes gift ideas

Finally Design Dining and Diapers has chosen some more slightly unusual gift ideas if you want something a bit out of the ordinary that you’ve not seen anywhere else.

design dining and diapers gift ideas

I hope you find something that your little ones will want to give as a thank you gift to their teacher. As for me and Miss P… we haven’t decided yet!

Have a good week everyone.

Jean x

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