Make it Monday: Crochet granny heart dishcloth

I was thinking about what I should make this week and decided that it’s been a while since I did a bit of crochet.

I saw a pattern for a crochet granny heart dishcloth on Pinterest and guessed that it’d be a quick make for a Sunday afternoon while the kids watch a film.

So here’s my version of it:

granny heart crochet MIM creative pixie

I followed the Daisy Cottage designs/Bunny Mummy pattern which required translating from US to UK crochet terms, you need to know how to do a variety of different stitches but once you know how to do them it’s fine. The only thing I did differently was that I started with a magic loop (as this closes up the hole in the middle) and not a chain as suggested.

granny heart crochet MIM and materials 1 creative pixie

With a 4mm hook I used some Drops cotton for the pink and blue and Red Heart mercerised cotton for the yellow centre (wasn’t as chunky as the Drops but that’s what I had). I have to say that I dislike using the Drops as the yarn is all splitty and you have to pay a bit more attention to what you crochet in case you don’t pick up all the cotton, on the other hand the Red Heart is a dream to work with.

granny heart crochet MIM and materials 3 creative pixie

There we go: a sweet little design from 2 talented people. this could be used as a dishcloth or a mat for a little vase and if you fancied making lots of them then it would make some funky bunting 🙂

Happy Monday everyone.

Jean X



12 thoughts on “Make it Monday: Crochet granny heart dishcloth

    1. This pattern would confuse you even more what with it being US terms. I must remember next time to not be lazy and write it out in UK terms – my brain was truly pickled trying to convert it and remember what each stitch meant. Meant to ask you, how long did it take you to knit your butterfly washcloth?

      1. takes me about 2/3 hours but I was stopping and checking everything to make sure it all looked like it was meant to look, I know what you mean about pickled brains, my head was spinning after it all

      2. Oh wow – you must be a quick knitter – I saw 60 rows and my heart sank. I suppose I could always give it a go, it’d be an excuse to buy some Red Heart Miami 😉

      3. oh I thought that was slow, I see people on other blogs who knit about 50 things a day and I feel so dis-heartened! I just put up another design that I worked on today, I hope you like it

  1. This is such a beautiful heart 🙂 I admire people who can crochet from descriptions (I can do it only from patterns).

  2. Jean, the heart is delightful, and I do so like the colors you used. I’ll have to keep this in mind, as I’ve been looking for some good heart patterns.
    Blessings in your creative ventures,
    Marianne xo

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