Make it Monday: a summer flower display

It’s June! Can you believe we’re here already. Our fruit plants/trees are doing really well in the garden – I’ll write more about that in a future post.

Over the weekend I decided that Miss P and I needed to spend some time alone together – the shops were calling us. I bought her a couple of treats – some new notebooks, Minnie mouse nail stickers (for a birthday party she’ll be going to this week) and a little toiletries bag.

When passing through the local Tesco Miss P saw a bouquet of flowers that were marked down from £5 to £2.50. True they had seen slightly better days but there was still some life in them. So we decided to buy them so that she could do a display for the mantle to replace the flowers I got a couple of weeks ago as a gift.

22 MIM bouquet creative pixie

Here’s what she chose – yellow roses and purple lisianthus  – complementary colours in action!

22 MIM flower food creative pixie

First she put the sachet of flower food into the vase (Tipperary Crystal vase we got as a wedding present – it weighs a ton).

22 MIM flower water creative pixie

The vase was then filled with water.

22 MIM flower leaves creative pixie

Each stem was cut about a couple of cm’s from the bottom and the lower leaves pulled off.

22 MIM flower arrange creative pixie

The stems of roses and lisianthus were placed into the vase and arranged to look nice. We had some sunflowers from the previous bouquet that still looked good so these were inserted too.

22 MIM flowers proud P creative pixie

Miss P was very pleased with her finished arrangement.

22 MIM flowers final creative pixie

It looks pretty good on the mantle (ooh look at the dishcloth from last week – yep I couldn’t bear to use it so it’s hanging up).

Have a great week everyone and get in touch on Twitter – I’d love to say hello *waves*.



13 thoughts on “Make it Monday: a summer flower display

    1. She is all proud of herself, it’s good teaching her these ‘essential’ life skills 😉

  1. I am partial to some reduced stock flowers myself! Your daughter has made a beautiful display, and I especially like the sunflowers. They could possibly be my favourite flower!

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