Northern Ireland Blogger meet up

Hi blogging peeps

I hope you’re having a good weekend.

Yesterday I went along to my 1st blogger meet up (#NImeetup if you’re on Twitter). It was arranged by Vicki from Ellie Bear Babi who I had ‘met’ on Twitter a couple of months ago. I was so glad to meet another blogger from my part of the world and through her I started following some other NI blogger Mums on Twitter/online. So anyway she arranged for 8 of us Mums to meet up yesterday at the Pottery Yarn in Moira to paint some mugs or plates, as we seemed like a crafty bunch online.

Untitled 5

I should add that all of us bar 2 had never met before so I was a bit nervous – especially since I’d offered to pick up Emma,a fellow blogger who lives not far from me – small world eh?! On walking in my fears were laid to rest when I saw how friendly everyone was.

The following were present:

Rebecca from mrsmumsie

Emma from outmumbered

Emma from Life at the little wood

Emma from Amelia’s Mum

Debs from Super busy Mum

Mel from My days NI

Vicki from Ellie Bear Babi

Do check out their blogs, they’re beautifully written and have some great photos.

We sat around a table and once we had picked either a mug or a plate to paint we got to work on our designs.

bloggers at pottery yarn

bloggers at pottery yarn2 I decided to paint a mug with a little red mushroom design and put on it Creative Pixie – my own blogging mug! Apologies for the photos of the mug – it hasn’t been glazed yet so the colours are dull and matt. I’ll update when I pick it up sometime in the next week or two.

creative pixie mushroom mug1

creative pixie mushroom mug2After our 2 hour painting session was up we went along to a local cafe for some lunch. We spent so long chatting so that before we knew it, it was after 2pm and time to leave. I had such a great time meeting with these ladies and by the end of the meeting it was as if we’d been friends for years!

During the morning Vicki had presented everyone with a goodie bag containing some fantastic freebies:

NI meet up goodie bag contents

Scent Cosmetics – handmade soap. This locally made soap smells so fruity and is ideal for sensitive childrens hands. Miss E was very excited to use it.

NI meet up goodie bag soap

Scent soapand Miss E








Mamascent – baby bottle attachment. I’ve no need for this but I’m going to pass it onto a friend. It’s a really good idea for a product.

NI meet up goodie bag Momascent

MikaB – teething jewellery + 15% discount for future purchases. Initially I thought about giving this to my sister who has a baby but then I tried it on. Oh my word the soft silicone bangle fitted over my hand thanks to it being able to squish over it (I don’t have big hands but for some reason bangles can go over my left hand and not my right?!) and bounce back to its original shape. Yep this is a keeper.

NI meet up goodie bag MikaB jewllery

Voya – samples of seaweed beauty products. I’m looking forward to having a pampering session with these.

NI meet up goodie bag Voya

Sunsense UK – sunscreen samples. Whenever the sun comes out I always slap on the factor 50. Please let there be sun so I can try these out!

NI meet up goodie bag sunsense

WaterWipes – the worlds purest baby wipes. Baby wipes are always good, especially with sticky fingered children. Miss E has sensitive skin so hopefully these will be just the job for her.

NI meet up goodie bag waterwipes

Snowies online art and crafts shop – Faber Castell colouring pencils and pencil sharpener. Miss P will be using these to make part of her teacher’s end of year gift.

NI meet up goodie bag snowies

South Hill Designs – jewellery brochure. I love to flick through a brochure.

NI meet up goodie bag South Hill designs

Baby B Browne – self tan. I’ll give this a try before my next night out.

NI meet up goodie bag Baby B Browne

Cake Toppers – cupcakes. This cupcake was very tasty, the sponge and icing was so soft and fresh.

NI meet up goodie bag cupcake

Plush addict online fabric retailer – 10% discount code

So what do you think – a massive THANK YOU to those generous businesses that donated those goods and to Vicki for arranging the event.

I’d recommend you get together with some fellow bloggers from where you live – it’s a wonderful experience and I’m sure that you’ll make some new friends.




3 thoughts on “Northern Ireland Blogger meet up

  1. Such a brilliant idea, sounds like a really lovely day out and a great way to introduce yourself to other bloggers in the area. Looking forward to checking out each of those blogs, too 🙂

  2. It was ace to meet you hun! And someone else so passionate about “The Doctor” as myself!! Shame your not going to Britmums, would’ve been ace to hang out more, maybe next year thought eh!! xx

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