Make it Monday: peg bag tutorial

Well it looks like summer is finally here!

As a family we spent Father’s Day at a church picnic then late afternoon we met up with my parents at a Wildfowl and Wetland Trust place called Castle Espie. The girls had a wonderful time, as always, and I didn’t realise until I got home how much sun I’d got. I’m usually a factor 50 person so now I’m kicking myself for not putting any on. To make matters worse I’ve got the sun only on the right side of my legs, arms and neck…not a good look. As I’m radiating away here I promise that I’ll put some on next time I’m outside for any length of time.

A good thing about this weather is that it means using the tumbler dryer less and hanging out laundry on the washing line more; and laundry can be less of a chore when you’ve got a jazzy peg bag like this. This simple tutorial I’ve created provides the instructions to make a peg bag fit for a domestic goddess.

creative pixie peg bag finished bag step9

You will need:

creative pixie peg bag materials step1

Step 1:

Gather together the materials you are going to use for this project. Take measurements of the height and the width of the hanger as these will help when drawing up a template.

Step 2:

Every hanger is different so make up templates that suit your hanger. The pattern requires 3 pieces. As a rule of thumb the width of the template should be 3cm wider than the width of the hanger. Once you are happy with your templates, place them on the fabric and cut out the pieces.

creative pixie peg bag templates step2

Step 3:

Sew a rolled hem along each opening edge.

creative pixie peg bag rolled hem step3

Step 4:

Piece the 3 pieces of fabric right sides together and pin around the 5 edges (remembering to leave open the top edge). The front upper and lower edges should meet together, not overlap.

creative pixie peg bag pin right sides together step4

Step 5:

Sew a straight stitch around the pinned edges and then a zig-zag stitch to prevent fraying edges. Turn the sewn fabric right side out and poke out the corners so they sit flat.

creative pixie peg bag sew edges step5

Step 6:

Cut 2 pieces of ribbon the same width as the front opening, place on the right side edge of the opening and sew onto the front upper and lower pieces of fabric.

creative pixie peg bag sew ribbon step6

Step 7:

Insert the hanger into the fabric envelope.

creative pixie peg bag insert hanger step7

Step 8:

Select a contrasting thread to the buttons and then sew the buttons onto the ribbon using whatever spacing suits you. Don’t forget that you can personalise this bag however you see fit – add more or less buttons or ribbons.

creative pixie peg bag select thread and buttons step8

creative pixie peg bag sew buttons step8

Step 9:

You’ve finished, hurrah! Why don’t you grab your pegs and skip outside to hang up your washing 🙂

creative pixie peg bag finished bag close up step9

creative pixie peg bag finished bag side on step9

Lets hope this good weather continues.

Have a great week.

Jean x


10 thoughts on “Make it Monday: peg bag tutorial

  1. You are so good at making all these lovely little items. I really hope to start getting some use out of my sewing machine soon, and this looks like a good project for a beginner like me!

    1. Same here for Belfast, I hang my washing out maybe 3 or 4months of the year and the rest of the year I use my tumble dryer.

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