Make it Monday: Loom band bracelets

This week is a fun make that is more aimed at children however adults can get addicted to it to.

Loom band bracelets are bracelets that are made using tiny rubber bands, a loom peg board, a hook (very like a small crochet hook) and s-clips for joining both ends of the bracelet together.

Over the past couple of months Miss P has been coming home from school with these little friendship bracelets that her friends had made for her. So last week when I saw a kit on sale I thought that I’d get it for her so she could have a go herself. Before she could try it out I thought it’d be best if I get my head round it so that I can explain to her how you make them.

MIM creative pixie loom band box

In the end I had to visit my friend Vicki whose boys are really into making the bands so that she could explain it to me and show me the best website for loom band tutorials.

MIM creative pixie loom band loom

Look at all the rubber bands you need, I though 1000 bands in the kit may be overkill but you do use a lot of the same colour if you want a uniform band for just 1 bracelet.

Vicki showed me how to make a ‘Rail Road’ loom band bracelet and the techniques used to extend and join the 2 ends together.

MIM creative pixie railroad loom band bracelet in progress

As you can see when the bands are removed from the peg board loom it can be quite short so extending chains need added on, charms are optional.

MIM creative pixie railroad loom band bracelet finished

It’s just the right size for Miss P.

MIM creative pixie railroad loom band bracelet on Miss P

After I made this I thought I’d try making one patterns in the kits instruction booklet: the triple single bracelet loom band.

MIM creative pixie triple single loom band bracelet

Vicki then showed me a site called Loom Love. Oh my goodness this website is the amazing when it comes to different loom band tutorials – you must check it out!

I saw a pattern called Skittlz which looked lovely so thought I’d try to make it. I didn’t have the 2 looms suggested but thought it was worth making. The pattern was quite tricky, the rubber bands are under a great deal of tension so it can be a bit of a workout removing the bands from the peg board.The finished result was very short so I thought it’d make a nice ring *.

MIM creative pixie skittlz loom band ring

* Ignore my horrible hands but look my nails match my ring!

After making a couple of bracelets I can see how these are the biggest craze in primary schools here at the minute. I was so excited for Miss P being able to join in, then in the car home she told me how they’re now banned in her school 😦 (but that she could take them in her school bag – yay!)

I suppose that’s the rest of my week booked up, wonder how many bands ‘we’ can make for her friends before the end of term?





10 thoughts on “Make it Monday: Loom band bracelets

  1. How fun and cute. I’ve seen these in the stores, should buy for my daughter(she’s 20). I love your multi-colored fingers with that adorable ring you made!!

  2. I currently have 5 bands as my mum is making them she loves them, although my dad has been maKing the complicated ones 😀

  3. They are so popular here too! The kids are always bringing them to school. Every week I get given new loom band bracelets, rings and pen toppers the children have made for me. One girl gave me an awesome bracelet with Miss Maggs on it in beads. I enjoy using them, very fun!

  4. Ha! I got the exact same set at work last week for my boys. I found Loom Love online too. I got them making single braid bands straight away and they can pretty much do those without help. Big J is asking to learn how to do fishtail ones now. Thought I might write a blog post about it too!!

    1. Small world! You should write a post about it, I saw the fishtail ones and they look good. I think I need to buy more bands already, I’ve used up alot of black and white. Coloured transparent bands look very effective in the bracelets.

  5. Thank you for stopping by my blog today and Clicking Like. What a beautiful way to make a special ring. I’m believing your Holiday was Safe Blessed and Enjoyable. Beautiful Projects. Blessings Always, Mtetar

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