Make it Monday: Pom-pom trim cushion tutorial

Happy Monday everyone 🙂

This Make it Monday post is half way through the year of Make it Monday’s!

Today I’m sharing with you a tutorial to make a pom-pom trim cushion in under 2 hours. At the end you’ll have a delightful envelope backed cushion to brighten up any seating area.

creative pixie cushion finished cushion detail step11

You will need

Step 1: Gather together all your materials.

creative pixie cushion materials step1

Step 2: To make templates you’ll need a large sheet of paper and the dimensions of your cushion. For the front template draw out a square shape. For the back template make the template the same width as the front but make the length 8cm longer (this increased fabric will make the envelope opening to insert the cushion pad).

creative pixie cushion templates step2

Step 3: Cut the back template in half. You should now have 3 paper templates.

creative pixie cushion templates halved step3

Step 4: Place the paper templates on the wrong side of the fabric, pin and cut out allowing a 1cm seam allowance. Remove the templates so you are left with the cut fabric.

creative pixie cushion templates fabric cut step4

Step 5: Turn the front piece of fabric right side up and start pinning the pom pom trim to it. The pom poms must face the centre of the fabric square. Continue until the entire edge of the cushion has the trim pinned in place.

creative pixie cushion finished trim step5

Step 6: Sew the trim in place using a straight stitch all the way round the fabric.

creative pixie cushion sew trim step6

Step 7: Sew a rolled hem on the opening edge of both the upper and lower pieces of back fabric.

creative pixie cushion rolled hem step7

Step 8: Place all 3 pieces of fabric right side together and pin all the way around. Ensure that the pom poms are clear of the area to be stitched. The 2 back pieces should overlap to form the envelope.

creative pixie cushion trim sandwich overlap step8

creative pixie cushion complete trim sandwich step8

Step 9: Sew a straight stitch all the way around the fabric, then go around again with a zig-zag stitch to prevent any fraying which may occur.

creative pixie cushion sew and overcast step9

Step 10: Turn the fabric right side out, making sure you poke out the corners. Insert the cushion pad into the cover and smooth the envelope fold so that the fabric sits flat – there should be no strain on it.

creative pixie cushion turn out step10

creative pixie cushion insert pad step10

Step 11: Yay! you’ve finished the cushion. Why don’t you sit down with a cup of tea and test out how comfy your handywork is.

creative pixie cushion finished cushion step11

Have a great week.

Jean x

5 thoughts on “Make it Monday: Pom-pom trim cushion tutorial

  1. Ooh, good idea, to separate the sections out, so you’re not trying to wrangle the pompoms at the same time as trying to make sure the front and back are lined up! I must remember to give this a try with my cross stitch!

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