Make it Monday: stuffed cuddly dog

This week features a make that Miss P completed: a stuffed toy dog that she got as a kit for her recent 6th birthday from a friend.


The kit features a fabric dog that needs stuffed and sewn closed and a bag with fabric stickers to decorate it.


Miss P inserted the stuffing into the empty dog body with the help of her ‘assistant’  Miss E.


Following the instructions provided Miss P then sewed the body of the dog closed. There were holes pre-punched in the fabric which were spaced a bit too far apart for my liking (as I was worried about the stuffing coming out) so once she sewed a whip stitch one way I got her to do it back the other way to secure it.
Once she had sewed the dog she then decorated the accompanying bag with fabric stickers – these were quite difficult to peel off the backing paper without destroying the shape of the sticker so I had to help.
So here’s the finished dog and bag.


The dog has been named Lola and as you can see Miss P loves her very much.



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