What I’ve been reading – Fangirl

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell


Tagline: A tale of fanfiction, family and first love.

I had never heard of this book until last week when catching up on some blogs I follow that a couple of them had mentioned going to a book signing by Rainbow Rowell in which she’d discussed some of her books.

I’m a big fan of YA fiction so the story appealed to me straight away although I didn’t really have a clue what fan fiction is.

The story is about 18 year old identical twin sisters Cath and Wren who have been close their whole lives, that is until it’s time to go to college when Wren drops the bombshell that she doesn’t want to share a dorm with the sister she shared a bedroom with at home. Wren the extrovert wants to party and meet boys whereas vulnerable Cath just wants to stay in her room and write fan fiction.

You should know that Cath is a fangirl for the Simon Snow book series (fictional in real life) and spends a lot of time writing stories using the Simon Snow characters – she’s built up quite an online following and thus feels great pressure to keep up to date with her fan fiction posts as well as keeping up with her college studies.

The novel takes place over the course of the school year and we follow Cath as leaves home, forms new relationships and love grows. I’ll not say who with but this is a truly romantic story that has the reader praying for a happy ending.

What’s unusual about this novel is that the end of each chapter features a segment either from a Simon Snow book or a piece of fan fiction written by Cath. I admit that this was quite confusing for me to start with, especially since each Simon Snow piece wasn’t in any particular order, but I enjoyed reading about the different characters and drawing comparisons with the Harry Potter series.

I really enjoyed reading this book and despite its 480 pages I read it in a couple of days (I find I read a lot quicker on the Kindle). It’s a fun read which in parts reminded me of myself in my teenage years 🙂 . I’d recommend this book for any teenage girl, lover of YA fiction or anyone who’s into fan fiction.




2 thoughts on “What I’ve been reading – Fangirl

  1. I have to get around to reading this book soon — it on the top of my *way huge* TBR pile! Hopefully I find time sometime soon…I’ve heard a lot of good things about it.

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