Make it Monday: kiddies shoe bag & product review

This weeks make is a fabric kiddies shoe bag, ideal for those school plimsolls for PE.

I was sent a special delivery from those kind people from Plush Addict for me to do a product review on.

creatve pixie plush addict delivery1

It contained the following:

a 28mm Olfa rotary cutter

a 6 fat quarter bundle of Riley Blake Rocket Age fabric

a 8in denim blue zip

creatve pixie plush addict delivery

creatve pixie riley blake rocket age bundle

creatve pixie riley blake rocket age main blue

creatve pixie riley blake rocket age captain brown

creatve pixie riley blake rocket age ads red

creatve pixie riley blake rocket age stripes

creatve pixie riley blake rocket age pale blue stars

creatve pixie riley blake rocket age blue stars

creatve pixie plush addict delivery Olfa rotary cutter

Review: After a prompt delivery from Plush Addict (it was sent and I received it the next day) I was very excited to open the package to examine the goods. This is the 1st time that I have used Riley Blake fabric and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the brand. The 100% cotton fabric is smooth to the touch and the quality of the print is very clear which makes it suitable for dressmaking as well as crafts and quilting. I had been looking forward to using the Olfa rotary cutter as I have always been a Fiskars scissors kind of girl so when I had observed people using the rotary cutters to cut fabric I was intrigued as to how they well they would cut. After borrowing a cutting mat I got to work cutting some fabric. To begin with I wasn’t sure how much pressure I would need to use to cut through the fabric cleanly – turns out little pressure is needed, it is amazingly simple to use in fact I got my husband to have a go as I couldn’t believe it. The blade is so sharp and a single roll will cut fabric with the greatest ease. It comes with a built in thumb operated safety cover for the blade so there is no separate lid to get lost. I’d recommend these products and Plush Addict for their service. I think that I’ll be back to buy some more fabric soon as they have some other gorgeous prints that will be suitable for my girls.

I had selected the Rocket Age Boy fabric as I wanted to make a shoe bag for my nephew Charlie who will be starting P1 in September.

creative pixie MIM bag materials

The tutorial I followed can be found on Plush Addicts blog here. It’s a relatively quick, easy and cheap make especially as I ended up using just under a fat quarter amount of fabric and an 8 inch zip. I made a few changes to the suggested tutorial e.g. not using Kam snaps (as I felt they weren’t needed) and shortening the length of the bag as it only needs to hold a small pair of shoes.

creative pixie MIM bag zip close up

 Ooh look that that top stitching by the zip!

creative pixie MIM bag retro space boy

Love this cute little rocket boy.

creative pixie MIM bag handle

Coordinating fabric handle.

creative pixie MIM finished bag

 The finished bag.

I really enjoyed using this retro print fabric and will have to think up some other makes for the other pieces that were in the bundle.


Disclaimer: I was provided with these items free of charge to review on this blog.

9 thoughts on “Make it Monday: kiddies shoe bag & product review

    1. Thanks. A the fabric patterns are pretty cool. I gave it to my nephew and he loves it although I don’t think he understands it’s for his school plimsolls, he’s was happily walking about using it to carry his books and toy dinosaurs about in :-/

  1. The fabrics are absolutely gorgeous and just right for your choice of project. Both fabrics and cutter are great brand. Enjoy it little one. Blessings Always, Mtetar

    1. Thanks Mtetar, as always your comments are very kind. Have you used a Olfa cutter before? If so can you recommend any accessories to use with it (I’m always on the look out for new craft equipment).

    1. Could you imagine 26 4 year olds all with the same bag – it would be a nightmare! That’s why I wanted a homemade bag for him, no one else will have the same bag.

  2. Hi, Jean…

    Sweet bag, and I really like the little boy/teddy space themed fabric. Some little boy would be thrilled with those designs on a bag or even pajamas.

    Blessings for the day,

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