Make it Monday: dress alteration

This week I was very excited as I got a birthday present 2 weeks early. My husband and girls bought me an Adjustoform Lady Valet dress makers dummy.

creative pixie dress form

I’ve wanted one for ages, but they are quite expensive, so I was really excited when Hubby suggested one for my birthday. It has 12 dials to adjust the measurements of the dummy so that they fit your body measurements. My waist measurement seems to be a bit bigger than what it should be (I blame chocolate and crisps) however the dummy was able to go there.

I thought my first project using this would be a dress alteration. I bought this dress last year for about ยฃ2 in the Sainsbury’s clothing sale.

mim creative pixie dress before alteration

What I liked about it was the print – cute little birds, I’m a sucker for bird prints on clothing.

mim creative pixie bird dress print

However when I tried the dress on there seemed to be something very wrong with the sizing – the top half of he dress was almost a couple of sizes too big so not wearable (unless I wanted to look like a big sack of potatoes). So the dress has been sitting in a cupboard waiting for me to alter it.

So out came the sewing machine and I pulled the top of the dress up and sewed about 2 ย inches off each shoulder/top of the arms. I also took up the hem of the dress – approximately 2 inches.

My dress form was such a help with doing this, I’ve made clothes for myself in the past but it really is such as hassle taking on and off clothes with pins poking out everywhere.

mim creative pixie finished dress on the dress form

So here is the finished dress, doesn’t she look elegant :-p

Here’s the before and after shots for comparison:

mim creative pixie dress collage

The dress fits a lot better now and I think I will wear it – hurrah! (apologies for the noisy photographs – my daughters bedroom has the best mirror but the worst lighting).

Now I have my dress form I think this is going to be the start of some major clothes making for myself. I should also probably think of a name for the dress form, I like the idea of referring to her with a name. Suggestions please!


9 thoughts on “Make it Monday: dress alteration

  1. Yes you will and I add you’re going to be a professional. I hope I’m Blessed with that talent to add to sewing skills. Blessings Always, Mtetar

  2. Mine is called Diana. She has a label on her chest saying so! Diana and I have have many a pleasant (and some not so pleasant) hour sewing. I hope you and your “Diana” whatever her name may be, have some lovely times together too.
    Well done on the alteration. The dress looks much nicer on you now. (Ps I love the button mat you are standing on)

  3. Good job! I have the same dress and I had the same problem…I altered it too.It was the only way to wear it! How did you finally call your helper?

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