Make it Monday: Lego Rapunzel’s Tower

This weekend saw some really bad weather in the UK so on a rainy Sunday Miss P made up one of the Lego kits she got for her recent birthday.

She just loves building Lego kits and one of her favourite films is Tangled so we bought her Rapunzel’s Creativity Tower.

lego rapunzels tower box

After a some help from her assistant (Mr Pixie) she had all the stickers stuck on the relevant blocks and and after following the booklet she finally finished the tower.

whole of outside Rapunzels tower

The outside view – it’s bigger than we thought it was going to be.

whole of Inside Rapunzels tower

The inside view – just love the staircase.

Flynn and inside Rapunzels tower

Flynn Rider is outside waiting to go in.

cooker inside Rapunzels tower

The frying pan is at the ready!

Insde Rapunzels tower

Rapunzel is waiting at the top of the tower. Don’t think the dog was part of the set – that’s an addition from Miss P!

We were really impressed by this Lego kit, even though it was quite expensive (Lego kits aren’t cheap) it was different enough from anything she has worked with before (she’s a fan of the Lego Friends kits). I’d recommend this kit for any fan of Tangled, we may even ‘Kragle’ it (Lego Movie reference).

Jean x

8 thoughts on “Make it Monday: Lego Rapunzel’s Tower

  1. Beautiful project I’m believing it was a lot of concentration. Great Job! I’ll share this post with my Grandson. Blessings Always, Mtetar

    1. Yes it did take a lot of concentration for her, by the end she was glad to get it done. Has your Grandson been designing anymore Lego designs?

      1. Yes he’s always building taking apart and rebuilding something new. His mom sometimes takes him to the Lego Store and he builds there as well. Blessings Always, Mtetar

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