Make it Monday: Attic24 Crochet Bower Bird

This weeks make is one that I’ve had my eye on for a while but the pattern has only just become available. It’s the crochet bower bird designed by Lucy from Attic24. The pdf can be found by clicking here; Bower bird pattern.

Lucy had held a tutorial class in how to make her fab birds but as Skipton isn’t local to me I had to wait patiently for her to publish the pattern. So during a few quiet rainy days in Belfast I got out the yarn and hook and made one for myself. The pattern is easy to follow and you really can’t go wrong (as long as you can count!), I got the toy safety eyes from eBay but you could use buttons or embroider eyes on.

MIM creative pixie bower bird and dahlia

MIM creative pixie bower bird hiding

MIM creative pixie bower bird tail

I used Drops cotton all over apart from the beak which was Red Heart Miami. I think it’s rather cute and had planned to take it into work to decorate my desk….however Miss P has claimed it for herself and Miss E wants one too.

I’m also working on a crochet blanket, I saw an unusual design online and gave it a go and am rather excited as it’s working out as I’d hoped 🙂 . Have a great week everyone and go check out my giveaway for your own Personal Planner here.


5 thoughts on “Make it Monday: Attic24 Crochet Bower Bird

    1. I know what you mean, my Ravelry library and Pinterest boards are full of lovely things I could never make in 100 lifetimes!

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