Make it Monday: Autumn pom-pom display

Well autumn seems to have arrived 3 weeks early this year. Despite the warm weather last week, the leaves on the trees have started changing colour…

creative pixie autumn leaf

spiders have been making their presence felt…

creative pixie spider web

and we have started harvesting our apples!

creative pixie 1st apple harvest 2014

I do like this time of the year and have to say it’s probably my favourite season. I love going on walks outside at our local National Trust properties and walking through woodlands seeing what wonderful things God created.

This weeks make is a result of one of those walks and a very necessary tidy up at home. I had come across a bag of pom-poms that I had made a while back when I got my new pom-pom makers. You know when you get a new crafty thing you just have to try it out well I made quite of few pom-poms and since then they’ve been waiting for their purpose and here it is. I had a brainwave to make an autumnal display with the pom-poms by tying them to some twigs and popping them in a vase.

creative pixie pom-pom branches materals

Luckily the pom-poms still had their tails on so I used these to tie them onto the branches (glue could be used if ties were cut off).

creative pixie finished pom-pom branches

It’s something different, I only hope my cats don’t attack it!

creative pixie pom-pom branches

Have a good week everyone.

Jean x

11 thoughts on “Make it Monday: Autumn pom-pom display

  1. looks really cute, i’m a big fan of little trees like this i do a branch/mini tree for easter and autumn etc love decorating using home made bits and bobs. These poms look fab x

    1. Thanks, it was fun collecting the twigs in Stormont Estate – we’re so lucky to have something so fabulous within walking distance of our house.

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