Make it Monday: Crochet pumpkin pattern

Apologies for this lateness of this weeks Make it Monday post.

This week we lost our broadband/phone and TV service from Virgin as some builders working on the new apartments being built across the road cut through our cable! Those of you with children will know what a blow having no TV is to children. We survived 5 days before an engineer could come out to fix it.

My girls have learnt to have fun playing with my button box, organising buttons into colours and shapes and I have learnt how reliant I was on the internet. I have used this time to do some sewing and crochet.

Here’s an update on how far I’ve got with my Christmas cross stitch.

Christmas cross stitch update

Those trees took a surprisingly long time to do, about an hour each. Now I’ll be moving onto to the big blue area of cross stitch.

I also started a little crochet cardigan for Miss E in her favourite colour – yellow. I’ll post pics on that soon, at the moment it’s not very interesting to look at.

This weeks make is a a reblog of a crochet pumpkin pattern I made last year.

Click here for a free pdf of the pattern. If you make one do let me know how you get on.

Creative Pixe small crochet pumpkin

Isn’t it so cute! It is only 4.75 cm in diameter so quite small but you can adapt the pattern to make a large pumpkin if you wish…hey if you have orange Zpaghetti you could make a giant pumpkin pouffe!

Creative Pixie crochet pumpkins

I hope this has inspired you to get making your own pumpkins.

Jean x

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