A New Year Knitted Cowl.

Happy New Year to my lovely followers and welcome to anyone who is visiting for the 1st time.
I’m calling by to say that I’m still thinking of you all even though I’ve had a couple of months away. It’s been good break,  I’ve enjoyed family time and started new crafts.
On New Years Eve I decided that I wanted to knit myself a cowl from a ball of arun yarn I had in my stash. It’s a gorgeous grey with flecks of pink, blue and green in it.


So I began casting onto 6mm needles making it as wide as I wanted the cowl to be deep.


Knitting continuous purl stitches is fantastically mindless especially when watching Christmas films,  taking occasional sips of hot tea and eating Quality Street chocolates.
I finally knitted the width of cowl I wanted to last night, casted it off and sewed the 2 edges together to make a knitted tube.
Today I got to take the finished cowl out on a tour of one of my favourite places – the lake at Mount Stewart.


It was lovely and toasty to wear and I’ve got loads of yarn left over, maybe I’ll make some matching wrist warmers.
Hope to not leave it so long until my next post.

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