What I’ve been reading – Don’t Chew the Royal shoe!

Last week I received a goody bag from the lovely people at Scholastic publishers. One of the books was this one:

official Dont chew the royal shoe cover

Don’t Chew the Royal Shoe!  written and illustrated by Kate Leake.

One evening before bedtime I read the story to my girls (aged 3 and 6), here’s a brief summary:

Anyone who has had a puppy can relate to the mischievous antics of Chips who’s not a typical Royal Corgi. He can’t stop chewing the Royal shoes and this does not go down well with those in the Palace. Read how the Queen deals with the chaos Chips creates and if he can do anything to redeem himself.

I asked my girls to choose their favourite parts of the story.

Miss E fave part

Miss E pointed out this picture of the Queen, imagine having to wear a flip-flop and a wellington boot at the same time – she thought it was hilarious haha!

dog and the roller skate

Miss P thought this bit was fun, do you know a Duke who wears roller skates?

When I finished reading the story, Miss E begged to read the story back to me.

Miss E reading

The book has bright, colourful pages and is filled with action drawings that appeals to young eyes. The story is well written and funny, we burst out laughing at the text on page 1: a good sign I thought!

After discussing this book with my girls we have decided to give it 11/10 (yes Miss P thought it was that good!). It’s sure to be a family favourite.


Disclaimer: I was sent this book by Scholastic to review on this blog.

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