A knitted and a Crocheted Easter Bunny

A couple of weeks ago I saw the cutest little knitted bunny on a friends Pinterest board.

Knitted Bunny tutorial - Step 9
Knitted bunny by Jo So and Sew



I thought it would make a sweet little gift for my daughters so last Sunday (Mothers Day here in the UK) I clicked on the link to the Jo So and Sew blog to show me the tutorial of how to make it.

After several hours of knitting (interupted by chocolate cake, paintings and flowers) I finally completed my little bunny friend.

creative pixie knitted Easter bunny

creative pixie knitted Easter bunny face

creative pixie knitted Easter bunny behind

Can you believe the body was made from a single knitted square! I made this slightly bigger than the tutorial stated, casting on 40 stitches on 4mm knitting needles.

creative pixie knitted Easter bunny and Miss P

Miss P loves her little bunny and has named it Sky.

Miss E wanted her own little bunny so I decided to crochet her one to see if it was quicker to make. Using the same principle of having a yarn square, I did a chain of 29 stitches (1 of these being the turning chain) on a 4mm hook and kept crocheting until I had a square. Then I make it up following the same directions as on the tutorial.

creative pixie crochet Easter bunny

creative pixie crochet Easter bunny face

creative pixie crochet Easter bunny behind

The finished bunny was smaller than the knitted one and quicker to make but I have to say that I prefer the shape of the knitted bunny.

creative pixie crochet Easter bunny and Miss E

Miss E doesn’t seem to mind, in fact Miss E and ‘Ginger’ have become inseparable. I have a feeling I’m going to have to remake the alpaca pom-pom tail again soon :-/

The rabbits will make cute Easter gifts and I hope I can get another couple made for my nephews and niece.

Does anyone else have any Easter makes planned? Do you have a Pinterest account for me to follow? If so please share it in the comments as I’d love to see what inspiring pins you have. A link to my Pinterest account can be found here.

Jean x

24 thoughts on “A knitted and a Crocheted Easter Bunny

  1. These are really sweet. I don’t normally make Easter gifts, but I might have to make some of these…..

    1. Easter eggs are so expensive and it’s always nice to give something handmade. Thanks for your comments.

  2. Oh, cute!!

    I have to say, I feel your pain, how dreadful to be interrupted by chocolate cake, paintings and flowers 😉

    I’m on Pinterest with @crochetmagpie – mostly just a series of wish lists for me, but maybe they will inspire 🙂

    1. I’ve tried looking for you on Pinterest but it keeps telling me there is no crochetmagpie can you follow me then I’ll follow you back?

  3. Hi Jean, how cute. I really wanted to learn to knit this year, Mum even lent me some knitting needles and wool, but I just don’t have the time to learn.

    These bunnies are so cute, I too prefer the knitted one too. The crochet one looks more like a mouse, but is still cute. A lovely homemade Easter gift…Maybe one day…

    1. You’re right! I couldn’t figure out what was different about the crocheted one but yes it’s more like a little mouse.

  4. Ahh this is so cute. I used to make knitted chick ones when I was 8, but forgot all about it. You’ve inspired me to knit some this year 🙂 Thanks! #MMWBH
    Sabrina x

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